Have a healthy complexion every day

It can sometimes be difficult to have a clear and tanned complexion during the darkest days of winter or when you are overwhelmed by tiredness. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to help you maintain a radiant complexion every day by making the most of the “healthy glow” effect and using the right cosmetics and, most of all, the right procedures. Here is how you should proceed to regain a glowing and beautiful complexion and to take care of your skin.

Clean your skin and get rid of toxins

The first thing to do to avoid having a dull complexion is to clean your skin by removing all toxins and giving it a real boost. To do so, you can use the Brightness Scrub from the Anny Rey range. This care product with its creamy golden texture adapts to all skin types. It cleans the face gently and removes dead cells. Thanks to the combination of Corundum and pearl particles, it promotes renewal of the epidermis and lightens the complexion. It provides the skin with a healthy glow, tonicity and elasticity.

Use BB Cream foundation, Anny Rey’s complexion secret

A beautiful and flawless complexion means using the right foundation, a product which is in harmony with the colour and type of your skin. BB Cream Complexion Secret foundation by Anny Rey is a perfect combination of a care and makeup product for obtaining beautiful skin and removing impurities. This tinted cream has a very light and smooth texture and it is inspired by Asian beauty secrets, providing results which can be immediately observed on the epidermis. By applying it to your face on a daily basis, you will obtain an even complexion and skin which will be revitalised and protected against outside threats thanks to its SPF30. This moisturising and nourishing cream will give you a healthy glow and a highly pleasant feeling of freshness and lightness on your face.
To achieve a radiant result, you simply need to apply this foundation with the end of your fingers and using light touches. For a covering effect, you will need to apply a thicker layer of foundation to your face and then ensuring that you spread it evenly with your fingers before using a brush to finish the process. To hide dark circles and bags under the eyes, apply light touches from the centre of the eye outwards by means of the easy-to-use canula tip. Complete the process by lightly tapping with the ends of the fingers.

Active ingredients and properties of Anny Rey’s BB Cream Complexion Secret

BB Cream Complexion Secret by Anny Rey has high-quality natural active ingredients, providing a beautiful complexion and maintenance for the skin:
● Pea extract: with its corrective properties, it uses the activity of melanin (skin pigment) to unify the complexion and to restore its original radiance. It reduces signs of ageing, providing a healthy glow.

● Grape seed oil: Recognised for its anti-oxidant and emollient properties. It nourishes the skin and provides protection from skin ageing.
● Vitamin A: Acts against skin ageing and dryness as well as loss of elasticity. It reduces wrinkles and also plays a role in refining the skin.
● Peptide complex: Which reduces signs of tiredness and wear and tear.
● High-protection UVA and UVB filters: To protect the skin from the sun’s rays and to ensure prevention of premature skin ageing.

Whether you have dry skin, combination skin or greasy skin, BB Cream Complexion Secret foundation serves as a complexion corrector, allowing you to regain a healthy glow. Regaining a beautiful complexion is therefore possible thanks to a healthy lifestyle and appropriate cosmetic products.