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Why does skin like water?

Water is vital for the skin, its radiance, its suppleness and its elasticity. Good moisturizing also slows down skin ageing.
And what happens if the skin lacks water?
When the skin’s protective barrier loses its effectiveness, loss of water increases, and dehydration becomes an issue: the skin is stretched, it becomes rough and dull. Sometimes it even begins to peel. The first dehydration wrinkles begin to appear and can be seen with the naked eye. And wrinkles are always able to appear more easily on dehydrated skin.
Am I still at risk if I have greasy skin?
All skin types can become dehydrated and certain exterior factors: sun, wind, air conditioning, accelerate the process.
Why is it that my skin is most dehydrated in winter?
In winter, the skin tends to become dehydrated because sudden changes in temperature occur when we go from indoors to outdoors. But there is also the issue of hard water…
Do we drink enough water?
It is essential to drink regularly and in sufficient quantity (1.5 litres per day). Because even if the skin doesn’t derive any direct benefits from this, it still needs hydration which occurs from inside the body.

Let’s drink wisely and enjoy a wide range of drinks!!!
Should we change the type of water we drink often?
Nutritionists recommend varying the type of water you drink to obtain the full range of minerals and trace elements!
What can we drink?
Go for green tea, green tea and more green tea! It provides several antioxidants which are useful for the skin and the human organism in general. Furthermore, it will help you to eliminate any fatty excesses acquired during the festive period.

However, although drinking enough is a necessary condition, it is not enough by itself.
But why?
Because it is the barrier formed by the skin which slows down dehydration. If it is weakened, loss of moisture will be greater than for skin which is correctly protected.

Hence the importance of preserving the skin with Anny Rey products.
1/ Before applying a mask, all skin types needs to be carefully exfoliated (even dehydrated skin), twice per month. Indeed, one of the characteristics of a dry epidermis is chaotic skin regeneration, resulting in an accumulation of dead skin and irregular natural exfoliation, and moisturising dead skin cells every day serves no purpose. We therefore choose mild care products which are supplemented with nutritive active ingredients such as Anny Rey Brightness Scrub.
3/ Generous quantities of cream should then be applied to the face and décolleté both morning and night (in addition any other area which shows signs of dryness).
Don’t forget to use our very mild Argance Shower Gel to protect the skin. Highly dehydrated skin on the body can cause unbearable irritation.

Professional recommendation:

Without moderation, wrap yourself in a film of SENSUOUS OIL. This multi-action dry oil for the body nourishes, softens and provides a gloss to the skin. Thanks to a High-Performance formula made up of 5 vegetal oils plus Vitamin E, this oil nourishes the skin intensely. Its bewitching scent wraps up the skin in an incredible softness. The skin will become supple and smooth again, its beauty restored.

Also, don’t forget our “WONDER BALM” which protects, nourishes, repairs and enhances the appearance of the skin. This multi-function balm is soft and creamy; it contains carnauba wax and beeswax, ingredients with highly nourishing qualities. An essential care product with endless virtues.

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