There are a multitude of ways to take care of your skin on a daily basis, especially for dry and dehydrated skin: Scrubs, day creams or night creams, makeup remover, facemasks but also skincare oils. All too often neglected, skincare oil is an ideal solution for regaining soft skin which is smooth and radiant.

What is the purpose of a skincare oil?

First and foremost, skincare oil plays a role in nourishing the skin as it provides it with deep moisturising. It is therefore particularly useful for dry skin or fragile skin. It can be used alone or alongside a skincare cream and it provides the face with a silky smooth and protective film. You will thereby obtain skin which is always flawless as well as a glowing complexion by ensuring that you use a carefully chosen skincare oil. Because this care product must meet the specific requirements of your skin and it is important to make the correct choice.

Anny Rey O2line smooth oil for silky and beautiful skin

What could be better for caring for the skin on your face than a top-quality skincare product? This is the case with Anny Rey O2line smooth face and neck oilwhich is a concentration of precious organic oils combined with Kalpariane (seaweed extract), helping you regain nourished, regenerated and fully revitalised skin. Furthermore, it acts against premature skin ageing. Applying it to your face provides genuine wellness; your skin is moisturised, fresh and soft.
You can use this beauty oil without moderation and according to the requirements of your skin. It can be used as a serum in the morning or evening as a replacement for to reinforce the action of your night cream. A small amount is enough to moisturise and protect your skin; apply it with a circular motion to achieve a deep effect.

Active ingredients and properties of Anny Rey O2line care oil

To provide your skin with the best possible hydration on a daily basis, Anny Rey O2line smooth oil is made up of several powerful natural active ingredients:
● Organic rosehip oil: To help the skin to regenerate more quickly
● Virgin hazelnut oil: Valued for its nourishing and softening effects, notably on dryer skin types. It also regulates excess sebum for greasy skin
● Organic avocado oil: Which has several protective and nourishing properties for smoother skin. Provides active protection against wrinkles
● Organic mandarin essential oil: To remove all impurities from the skin and to combat skin dryness
● Organic lemon essential oil: Which provides strong action against premature skin ageing in addition to its revitalising and stimulating actions
● Kalpariane: Seaweed extracts which are known for their anti-ageing and firming properties. Provides protection against free radicals for more robust and supple skin
● Organic apricot stone oil: For better toned, firmer and more radiant skin. Ideal for tired skin or devitalised skin
Nourishing, revitalising and favourable to regeneration, this authentic care product plays a role in fighting skin ageing by providing your skin with comfort and softness.