There is nothing like a good facemask

Here are some tips for effective selling!

A facemask is very good for the skin as long as it is suitable. If the customer has greasy skin and you apply a nourishing facemask, the skin will reject it: the epidermis will be shiny and unsightly spots will appear due to the excess of sebum. And, naturally, the customer will not obtain the result they were looking for.
1 – Renew skin analysis regularly
Renew analysis of your customers’ skin regularly. Skin changes and you need to adapt your advice. Here are a few simple reminders: the skin is often stretched: it is dry; it has red patches: it is dry and sensitive. If only the cheeks are stretched, and you can see shiny areas in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin), this is combination skin. If the skin is shiny all over: oops, it is genuinely greasy skin!
2 – Recommend several types of facemask
Once you have finished the skin analysis, simply choose the facemask which is best adapted to the skin’s requirements at the time. But in some cases, it may be better to recommend a specific mask on different areas of the faces.
3 – Underline the importance of regularity
Facemasks will provide the skin with all of their active ingredients… But if you want them to be effective, don’t leave them in the cupboard! Apply them two or three times a week to obtain even better results, and in some cases even every evening.
4 – Recommend switching between facemasks as a treatment
Exfoliation and face peels will remove the impurities and dead cells which build up on the surface of the skin. They refresh the complexion, provide the epidermis with better cellular respiration and relax the skin which is clean and ready to receive treatment – this is indispensable before applying a facemask so that all of its properties can be effective. Always apply a mask after exfoliation.
If they are used once a week, these care processes will treat the nature of the epidermis. Apply the facemask in a thick layer using the brush over the face, the neck and the décolleté, avoiding the area around the eyes (for which specific masks are available). During these 20 mins of relaxation, the mask acts intensely in perfect osmosis with the skin. Remove it with damp sponges then apply lotion and dry the skin.