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Protection and nourishment, for soft lips!
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This treatment nourishes and protects (SPF 15 UVB), soothing and softening dry and damaged lips. Thanks to a formula enriched with cocoa butter and Vitamin E and a propolis core, your lips regain elasticity and comfort. Extra-rich in antioxidants, this balm protects lips from free radicals and premature cutaneous aging. A cocktail of ingredients combine for lips that are soft, sublime, protected, and a touch glossy thanks to the pearls present in the propolis core.

Core Formula: Propolis Extract: a precious substance produced by bees, Propolis combines soothing and restorative properties with a potent antioxidizing power to protect lips from aging. Outside the Core: Cocoa Butter: a powerful antioxidant, it’s the ideal butter to combat the damaging effects of time. By stimulating the synthesis of collagen, it gives lips back their elasticity and tone. Nourishing and protective, its fatty-acid composition makes lips soft and voluptuous. Vitamin E: antioxidizing and anti-aging, it protects lips from cutaneous aging

Apply balm to lips as often as necessary. Use by itself or as a base for lipstick for maximum lip comfort.

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