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The science of bees for skin that's nourished and regenerated
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The beehive’s precious treasure, royal jelly gives this mask exceptional properties: it nourishes, comforts, and regenerates dry and tired skin; as for the beeswax, it’s particularly effective at softening and smoothing skin protecting it against drying. Thanks to the water clover extract it contains, this mask protects and firms up the epidermis. The skin is nourished, supple and soft, its comfort regained.

Royal Jelly: a genuine concentrate of vital elements, it helps regenerate and revitalize the skin while preserving its elasticity by favoring its cellular renewal. Beeswax: it’s particularly effective in softening, smoothing and protecting the skin. Water Clover Extract: an indispensable ally for the skin in its daily struggle against free radicals. It also reinforced collagen synthesis. The tissue regains its tone and firmness, the skin is visible tightened. Macadamia Oil: known for its restructuring, nourishing, and softening properties.

Apply mask to the face in a thick layer. Let sit for 10 minutes, then remove with a cotton wipe soaked in Lime Lotion or with fresh water.


*Moisturizing of the upper levels of the epidermis.

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