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A smooth and mild milk to gently remove make-up and cleanse
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This treatment contains an active ingredient with Moringa extract, known for its nutritive properties, which purifies the skin and protects it from environmental pollution. The fine, delicate and sensitive skin of the face is subject to significant stress, which this milk eliminates and soothes. As a result, the skin is better cleansed, fresh and softened, and ready for your next Anny Rey skin care product.

Moringa Seed Peptide: this active ingredient, known for its nutritive potential, possesses anti-pollution properties to protect the skin from external stress and purify it deep-down.

Lime Tree Extract: it decongests and tones devitalized skin. It brightens and clears up the complexion. A true toner, it nourishes, cleanses and softens dry skin.

Vegetable Glycerin : Emollient and softening, glycerin is ideal for all types of skin, especially those dry and dehydrated.

Use morning and night. Spread the milk with your fingertips, then delicately massage with circular movements to properly emulsify all the impurities. Remove the milk with a cotton wipe. Then rinse with a cotton wipe soaked in lotion and repeat until wipe is clean. The milk can also be applied directly with a cotton wipe.

Bottle 200ml


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