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A unique mask to decongest tired eyes
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This treatment is especially formulated for the extremely delicate skin around the eyes. With its anti-circle and anti-wrinkle action, it cancels out the sign of fatigue and aging while leaving a pleasant sensation of comfort. The contours of the eyes are toned, and your face is illuminated.

Buckwheat Wax Extract: contains nourishing, protective, and regenerative properties that help avoid premature skin aging. Poppy Extract: a genuine softener, it also emulsifies and is effective against wrinkles. Beeswax: nourishes and moisturizes* the epidermis while maintaining good cutaneous tolerance. It provides protection by forming a film on the skin’s surface. thus avoiding the dehydration of the epidermis. It restores flexibility to the epidermis by reconstructing the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

Apply a thin layer of Mask around the eye on clean, dry skin. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Remove delicately with a cotton wipe soaked in Eye Cleansing Lotion.

30 ml

*Moisturizing of the upper levels of the epidermis.

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