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For glossy, sublime skin
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This beauty oil really knows how to treat your skin. Its concentration of precious organic oils and its association with Kalpariane (an algae extract) make it nourishing, regenerative, and revitalizing. It also helps combat the aging of the skin.

Organic Musk Rose Oil: actively participates in regeneration. Virgin Hazelnut Oil: extremely nourishing, it does wonders for mature and dry skin, softening it. Also known for regulating the excess sebum in oily skin. Organic Avocado Oil: with properties that protect and soften, it favors cellular regeneration and lets it combat wrinkles. Organic Mandarin Essential Oil: combats dryness and impurities. Organic Lemon Essential Oil: acts against premature skin aging by stimulating and revitalizing. Kalpariane (targeted active ingredient): anti-aging and firming properties. An antioxidant, it protects against free radicals. Organic Apricot Kernel Oil: gives tone, radiance and softness to fatigued and devitalized skin.

Use liberally in the morning as a serum, under your day cream to enhance its effects, and at night either under or in place of your night cream according to need.


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