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A targeted treatment to destock, filter, and firm up the abdominal belt and hips, for a slimmer and redefined figure. The silicium-caffein complex at the core of this formula delivers caffeine to optimize its bioavailability and thus its effectiveness in destocking and limiting fat accumulation. The silicium provides a restructuring and firming effect for smoother, firmer skin.

Silicium-Caffeine Complex: it provides ubiquitous action at the key points that determine slimness and firmness: it slims by limiting lipogenesis and activating lipolysis, restructures by combatting cutaneous slackening and draining by the activation of microcirculation. Orange Flower Extract: it helps filter fat and thus stimulates the drainage of the cutaneous tissue. Thanks to its decongesting and lipolytic action, it completes the work of the silicium-caffeine complex.

Apply morning and evening in a circular massage to the areas of interest (hips and stomach).


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