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An ideal balm to restore and soften your skin
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This treatment provides an effective and polyvalent action against problems in the epidermis and allows you to protect cutaneous integrity while softening the skin. Particularly suitable for damaged skin, the Omega-6 Ceramide contained in this balm contributes to increasing epidermal cell cohesion and reducing the stress to which the skin is exposed.

Plant-based Omega-6 Ceramides: a restorative rebuilder of the cutaneous barrier with a Carthame Oil base, this ingredient helps reduce epidermal inflammations. Vitamin F: an antioxidant that repairs the lipid barrier. It reinforces the work of the plant-based ceramides. Chamomile: relaxes and calms the epidermis. Lavender Essential Oil: a softener, purifier, stimulant and toner. Beeswax: contains healing properties.

This balm is particularly recommended in case of insect bites and stings, burns, acne, and any other epidermal alteration … but do not apply to wounds. It should be massaged softly and slowly in circles until it penetrates the skin.

50 ml

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