Under the sun with Anny Rey: All you need to enjoy the summer!

Slipping your shapely body into an itsy bikini, optimising your sun strategy to tan smartly, buying the latest care product which protects your skin or makes your hair even more blonde and bright while you avoid the fiercer rays of the sun… What with the pleasure of showing off your tanned skin and your fresh and toned figure, summer is more than ever the victim of “story beauty” with which the web and women’s magazines are awash.
At Anny Rey, out with the beauty tips provided by fashion and cosmetics columnists, as well as the celebrity holiday photos from the latest swanky beach paradises: glam trends are no use to us at all!
Rather than making killjoy recommendations, we far prefer the idea of total relaxation, leaving room for the true pleasures of life. Holidays should be a time for casualness, an ideal time to cast off the idea of perfection and to get back in touch with yourself. So, what could be better than lounging around on the beach, hanging out on a deckchair by the pool or even wiggling your toes in a pair of flip-flops on a café terrace?
Because being beautiful on the outside and feeling good in your bathing costume means first and foremost having inner wellness, paying attention to the many multi-sensory stimuli which are all around you, your body’s current needs and, most of all, your desire to live in the here and now!
Take a deep breath and feel the softness of the sand on your feet, listen to the gentle breeze under a plane tree at your country house, enjoy the smell of meat cooking on the barbecue and feel your mouth water at the prospect of an exotic cocktail by the pool…
And, without hesitation, rise above the so-called taboos, starting with a little of what you fancy eating! Speaking of which, are you a fan of ice cream or do you love a sorbet? Do you prefer the cool freshness of a citrus fruit flavour or the smooth creaminess of an Italian ice cream recipe?
Much like the ices which melt on your palate under a blazing sun, cosmetics provide the skin with a plethora of sensory pleasures. Sometimes they blend into the skin, sometimes they cover it and sometimes they are very light: Anny Rey’s creams envelop the body and enhance the eyes with their textures and their highly singular and precious scents…
Also, give yourself up to the sensuality of Liftfocus care which slides across your skin with a silky effect, provide your skin with the glossy and beautifying effect of the O2Line Serum or give your skin a boost with the delicate scent of our Princesse de Jour day cream, which is a supple as it is light
Then, let the sunshine caress your skin with SPF50 High Protection sun care product which uses prickly pear extract.
And if it is the effect of a refreshing dive into the ocean which sets your body aquiver, cover yourself in the silky texture of Masquazulene, a beauty elixir which will provide your skin with a pleasant feeling of freshness. After the beach, don’t forget to take care of your epidermis by using Baume de Monaco, a soothing care product with essential oils for a moment of pleasure you can experience again and again…
When there are so many secrets for enhancing your sensitive aura, how could you not already be thinking about your next holiday?
40° in the shade: it is hot and sunny… And if you are convinced that Anny Rey’s gorgeous pleasures are the thing for you, live life to the fullest and most of all don’t forget: Long live summer!