Here you have some Anny Rey Beauty Tips : Often, we take time to apply day cream to protect our skin from outside threats. And the skin needs to be nourished and moisturised. Sleep is not only favourable to physical recovery, but it is also the time that the body chooses to regenerate and “repair” our skin. At night, a process begins, everything accelerates, and the skin becomes a hive of activity. This is the time for intensive regeneration of the skin: chronobiological studies show that the multiplication of cells in the epidermis reach their highest level around 1 a.m. (cell multiplication 3 times higher), and their lowest level around 1 p.m.. Night cream therefore plays a vital role in day-to-day beauty care processes.

The night is the best time to provide the skin with deep moisturising

At night, the skin rests and increases the activity of blood circulation in order to regenerate. This allows it to get rid of toxins and any impurities which it has accumulated during the day. So, it is during the night hours that you should remember to hydrate your skin for deep-effect action. Cell activity is highly intense between 1 o’clock and 4 o’clock in the morning, and this is the time when the skin regenerates. You should therefore not hesitate to use night cream to have fresh, supple, moisturised and glowing skin the next morning.

Choosing the right night cream

To achieve the best results, you will need to select the correct night cream. This is done according to skin type. But also according to the particular needs of your skin. It is important to choose a quality product, for example Anny Rey Princesse de nuit night cream with a marine complex for intense moisturising of the skin. This revitalising night cream is a product which needs to be applied in order to help the epidermis to stimulate its natural defences during the night. The extremely generous texture of this care product provides your skin with highly beneficial comfort, enveloping it in softness so as to protect it. Thanks to this protection, your skin will be ready to combat outside threats right from the moment you wake up.
You can use it once you clean up your skin. Allow it to take its action until you wake up.

Princesse de Nuit night cream active ingredients and properties
Anny Rey Princesse de Nuit night cream contains a range of active agents which guarantee effective results:

● A marine repair complex (with red, blue and brown seaweed in addition to plankton). Which activates synthesis of elastin and stimulates the natural defences of the epidermis. Against outside threats.

● Regenerating peptide: To reinforce the skin barrier. By stimulating synthesis of collagen contained in the skin to improve its density and its firmness.

● Phytosqualane: Which is an effective emollient and moisturiser. Which limits loss of moisture by providing the epidermis with softness and suppleness.

● A multi-active polysaccharide: Known for its moisturising and restructuring properties.

● Babassu oil: Soft and emollient, babassu oil spplies relief for irritated skin and provides the epidermis with softness.

● Grape see oil: Rich in linoleic acid to help the skin to regenerate and restructure itself.